Audiobook Award Nomination

Written by Zertex

On March 18, 2021

The Independent Audiobook Awards has just announced its shortlisted titles for 2021, and after their stunning victory in the Humor category last year, we’re delighted to see that author Barry J. Hutchison and narrator Phil Thron have been nominated for their Space Team/Dan Deadman short story collection, Space Team: A Lot of Weird Space Shizz.

Congratulations to both of them, and we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that they can win the category for the second year in a row, despite some very stuff competition.

Winners are announced in June. Check out the image below for a full list of the nominations in the Humor category.

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1 Comment

  1. Mark Adams

    Excellent, well deserved and I hope they win. Cracking books which relax me as I drive to and from work. Good luck chaps!