JD Kirk’s Northwind

Written by Zertex

On March 26, 2021

We’re delighted to be able to officially announce the first in JD Kirk’s DCI Logan spin-off series, featuring everyone’s favourite potty-mouthed polisman, Bob Hoon. We’re very excited about this series, and have partnered with Audible Studios to produce audiobooks which will be published worldwide on the same day as ebook and paperback editions.

The book will be published on 12th October 2021, and will be available to pre-order soon. In the meantime, here’s the blurb.

Northwind: A Robert Hoon Thriller

Northwind by JD Kirk

Shunned by his old colleagues, and dividing his time between a dead-end job and the bottom of a whisky bottle, former Police Scotland Detective Superintendent Bob Hoon’s life is a mess.

Then an old face from Hoon’s Special Forces days turns up asking for help: his teenage daughter has been missing for months, the police have drawn a blank, and he needs the kind of help that only Hoon can provide. 

And besides, Hoon owes him one.

From the Highlands of Scotland, to the mean streets of London, Hoon’s relentless hunt for the girl will see him make new friends and encounter old enemies. Enemies who know what happened to the girl. And to hundreds more like her.

But Hoon’s been given something that makes him dangerous, something he thought he’d long-since lost: a purpose.

He may be a disgraced ex-copper, a barely-functioning alcoholic, and a borderline psychopath, but Bob Hoon still believes in justice.

And he’s just the foul-mouthed **** to dish some out.

From the pages of JD Kirk’s DCI Logan series, Northwind is the first in a new series of action-packed thrillers for fans of Lee Child, James Patterson, and Mark Dawson. 

What do you think? Are you looking forward to Hoon’s first solo adventure? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Avatar

    Wow looking forward to this – Hoon is a character 🙂

    • Avatar

      If ever there was a spin off waiting to happen it was Hoon! Can’t wait for October and the Big Man!

      • Avatar

        Can’t wait for the hoon spin off, I’m sure it’ll be as good as jack Logan is

      • Avatar

        Really looking forward to this spinoff, Hoon might be potty mouthed but he makes me laugh, roll on October!

        • Avatar

          Can’t wait….

      • Avatar

        Bring it on! Can’t wait!

    • Avatar

      Awww as foul mouthed person …I look forward in the further education that is Hoon…brilliant..what a character…good luck ..as if needed 😈😈🥳

    • Avatar

      Just hope Hoon’s adventures aren’t too dark and that his ‘softer side’?? shines through some of the time!

      • Avatar

        Yes, will look forward to this, will like to see how Hoon manages to cope in different surroundings, ie London,and do we get to see a different side to Hoon when he has to use his detection skills to find out what has happened to the girl.

    • Avatar

      Can’t wait till I can pre order this book. Looking forward to reading about Hood’s experience now he is away from the force.

      • Avatar

        Can’t wait!

        • Avatar

          Can’t wait love these books and will definitely want to follow the hoon spin offs highly recommend them

    • Avatar

      A joy to anticipate. Hoon seems to me the man Logan might have become if the wind had blown from a different direction. Look forward to him showing the bad guys the hammer of justice.

    • Avatar

      Looking forward to this!

    • Avatar

      Love Hoon. Can’t wait to read more about him.

    • Avatar

      Yes! Really looking forward to this book. I love Hoon’s character

    • Avatar

      Sounds fab, both hubby and I are really excited about this. I love to read where as hubby loves the audio versions, and I think we’re both in for a treat.

  2. Avatar

    OK I’m hooked, cannot wait to see how the big man copes without his ‘baby sitters’ Hoon on the Toon, now there’s a thought

    • Avatar

      Yeeessssssss! Most anticipated book for 2021!
      I have a soft spot for ole Bob and can’t wait to hear what he gets up to x

      • Avatar

        Hoon is one of my favourite characters, can’t wait to read this

      • Avatar

        Can’t wait, I love Hoon, wow it sounds like a page Turner as usual from JD Kirk

    • Avatar

      I can barely contain my excitement I’ve love all the dci jack Logan books with Bob Hook in them, this great news

      • Avatar

        I am really looking forward to this book and I hope that Angus King will narrate the audio version.

      • Avatar

        Roll on October 12. Look out Logan, you have competition! Looking forward to meeting Hoon’s friends and foes – great news for us, your avid readers. Keep writing please…

    • Avatar

      Hoon totally deserves to be the central character in a series of his own. I have no doubt that he will be a worthy entrant to my J D Kirk library. Roll on October!

  3. Avatar

    Oh this sounds great will await with interest

    • Avatar

      Cant wait, for the book, I love the character Hoon

  4. Avatar

    Always liked Bob Hoon, never knew what was coming next. Looking forward to reading the book. Reading the Logan books was one of the better things of lockdown

    • Avatar

      I love Hoon with a worrying passion given he’s a foul mouthed soak and I’m a mild mannered grandmother of 8. Maybe that’s why. Can’t wait to read Northwind.

  5. Avatar

    Sounds excellent-can’t wait for it👍

  6. Avatar

    Can’t wait for Northwind, sounds great from the blurb. Love the DCI logan books and Hoon is a great character in those so to write a book about him is a natural flow.

  7. Avatar

    Oh my goodness I can’t wait!

    • Avatar

      I am so happy that Hoon is getting his own book. He is such a great character. Yes he is a bit rough around the edges and his outbursts have me laughing out loud. I can’t wait to see what the book has in store for him.

  8. Avatar

    Sounds right op my street

  9. Avatar

    Really looking forward to this! Foul mouthed he may be……but the humour is there!

    • Avatar

      Can’t wait to read this book excited or what thank you

  10. Avatar

    Can’t wait to see Hoon in action again! Bring it on !!

  11. Avatar

    Bring it on!

    • Avatar

      Love the DCI Logan books. Can’t wait to read the Hoon book to see what he gets up to. I’m sure it will be pure brilliance just like the Logan seties

  12. Avatar

    Love Hoon, my kind of guy! My Dad would swear a blue streak when working, I worked around guys that were pretty foul mouthed…..so when someone is shocked by “unusual” language, I am like “huh?”. I just follow the story and the tone, the author makes the book great. JD Kirk is a writing wizard!

  13. Avatar

    Sounds like a cracking good read. Looking forward to it already!

    • Avatar

      So looking forward to reading the first book featuring Bob. He reminds me of so many people I’ve known and his language is almost as colourful as my own! I am invested in the lives of Logan et al and am impressed with JDs writing. Took a chance reading the first book and haven’t stopped since!

  14. Avatar

    But! But…I can’t preorder it yet! Must preorder now!

    Seriously, I can’t wait!! Love all the characters in Logan’s world but Hoon’s spinoff is the best.

  15. Avatar

    I can hardly wait!!!!!!!

  16. Avatar

    Wow I can’t wait just what we need a bit of Hoon

  17. Avatar

    Looking for the Pre-order button…

  18. Avatar

    So looking forward to this!

    • Avatar

      Roll on October! Can’t wait for a bit of Hoon magic! 😂 hopefully this could be the start of a new series? Hint! Hint! 😉 I’ve got all ten Logan books, I’m not a fan of audio as I speak doric myself and live in Inverness do I like to read in my lingo! And there’s nothing like a good book in your hand. 😂😁

  19. Avatar

    I genuinely can’t wait for this! Another genre to venture into…

  20. Avatar

    Sounds as if it’s going to be good! I do love Logan though.😊

  21. Avatar

    Oh, yes, definitely want to read more and learn more about Hoon. Can’t wait.

  22. Avatar

    North wind is a lazy wind
    Disnae go roon about ye it goes richt through ye!!

  23. Avatar

    Sounds fab be great

  24. Avatar

    Wow, another great book cover that makes me want this book NOW. Can hardly wait to see and hear Bob in action.

    • Avatar

      Awe superb! Cant wait to hit the preorder button! Hoon has me throwing a rib with laughter

  25. Avatar

    Will be on tenterhooks until I can click that ‘pre-order’ button and wishing time away until the book is out. Come on Hoon!

  26. Avatar

    Definitely a yes from me! Where do I pre order please!

  27. Avatar

    Looking forward to this. Could read the DCI Logan books in one sitting if I could get away with it and sure this will be the same

  28. Avatar

    Anything written by JD Kirk is bound to be a jewel! We (his fans) have been eagerly anticipating the first “Hoon” book ever since we knew it was coming. Hoon is a fabulous character – flawed, and yet compelling, because one can sense the good and decent man under all the profanity and alcohol. I will be pre-ordering as soon as it is available!

  29. Avatar

    Bring it on!!
    This mad crazy world really needs a good Hooning, and I for one will love every moment of it!! 😃😃😜😜

  30. Avatar

    Looking forward to Hoon being a star in his own right. Love the Logan books and hope the Hoon series has the same fast pace and black humour the Logan books have.

  31. Avatar

    Hoon! Foul mouthed and hilarious, I love this guy and can’t wait to read it.

  32. Avatar

    Sooooo who will be the narrator for Hoon?

  33. Avatar

    Very excited for this opportunity to delve into the world fro Horn’s POV. Like so many of the authors previous spin offs this is bound to be a show stealer!!

  34. Avatar

    Cannot wait to see what Hoon gets up to… certainly a complex character that is typical of some Scots men ..hard working and hard raised….my father would say he was dragged up not brought up.

  35. Avatar

    Brilliant looking forward to it

  36. Avatar

    Can’t wait

  37. Avatar

    Give me more!

  38. Avatar

    Can’t wait. Bring it on. Love the character.

  39. Avatar

    Will this be narrated by Angus King as well? Hope so.

    Wish we could clone JD Kirk. Hooked on the DCI Logan audio series. Awaiting #11.

    • Avatar

      I cant wait to see what Hoon gets up to. Must admit I kind of cant help liking Hoon, one of my favourite characters and was sorry to see him go.

  40. Avatar

    DCI Logan is going to be a wee bit annoyed, or maybe relieved to get rid of Hoon, for a while.

    Can’t wait to read it. The Logan series is addictive. 👍


    • Avatar

      Have to mark this on my calendar 👍.

      • Avatar

        Looking forward to reading about Hoon’s new adventures! Always look forward to a new JD Kirk book!

  41. Avatar

    Any more JD Kirk are definitely to be welcomed – yeah!!

  42. Avatar

    Great Idea the spin off bring it on 🙂

  43. Avatar

    Wishing my life away now, can’t wait until October.

  44. Avatar

    Looking forward to October. Love Hoon and can’t wait to see what he gets up to.

    • Avatar

      Great stuff !!! Hoon has sweary phrases that I have never heard before , and that is quite an achievement ? He’s welcome in ma hoose any time , and soon will be . I’ll get a good bottle in , and enjoy . CHEERS .

  45. Avatar

    Aaah Hoon was not one of my favourite people but this blurb has got me in!
    Damn it ….. I will be buying this book..

  46. Avatar

    Anxious to read it. I love Logan and that series. I am sure that this will be great!! Thanks

  47. Avatar

    Waiting with anticipation of Hoon spin off.
    He is something else.

  48. Avatar

    Bring it on, can’t wait.🙂🙂

  49. Avatar

    Oh yes!!! I can’t wait to learn some new words again!!! Love Hoon and his antics.

  50. Avatar

    Wow – can’t wait to see what Hoon gets up to
    Great character for a spin off book
    Looking forward to next Jack Logan book

  51. Avatar

    Love the Logan books and this will be the cherry on the top! So happy Hoon is getting a book of his own. Hope it’s the start of a series!

  52. Avatar

    Looking forward to reading the first Hoon book. Should be good!

  53. Avatar

    Really looking forward to this, Hoon is old school and his colourful language and his flagrant disregard for any rules but his own make him a brilliant character letting him loose to go rogue is going to be brilliant !

  54. Avatar

    Looking forward to reading this. Hoon is a great character.

  55. Avatar

    Hoon is the best and funniest swearer ever. A character who generates a variety of reactions in the reader from sympathy to contempt should make great reading. So looking forward to pre-ordering.

  56. Avatar

    Very much looking forward to this!

    • Avatar

      Love hoon he’s a character in himself.

  57. Avatar

    Can’t think of a better way to spend a dreich October evening. Here’s to a successful Hoon.

  58. Avatar

    Looking forward to reading what Hoon will get up to next. To say that he’s a character doesn’t do him justice.

  59. Avatar

    Great, can’t wait, Hoon can teach me more tossing swearing.

  60. Avatar

    I canny wait definitely a character favourite

  61. Avatar

    Is London ready for Hoon? I’m looking forward to finding out

  62. Avatar

    Cannot wait ! Hoon is a Great character. I will Definitely be purchasing this book, as I have All the other books 👍

  63. Avatar

    Can’t wait, loved the DCI Logan books will have to make sure I read Hoon’s book on my own, the family don’t get my out loud laughing when I read the DCI Logan books!

  64. Avatar

    Cannot wait for this to drop onto my kindle app. Hoon is a brilliant character & as for his swearing, it’s so funny. How you think of them I just don’t know.

  65. Avatar

    Sounds like another belter of a book for JD Kirk. Been a fan since the release of the first DCI Jack Logan book so canny wait to pre-order this new gem. I love the obscene patter that spews from Hoon’s foul mouth, it genuinely makes me laugh out loud when I’m reading the books. I’ll be patiently waiting it’s release.

  66. Avatar

    Can’t wait to read the adventures of Hoon. The characters in the Jack Logan series take me back to my days in the Polis and I laugh out loud at times as I can relate to some of the comments and situations. Bring it on!

  67. Avatar

    Can’t wait. Anything Kirk writes is always a great and enjoyable read. Missed Bob Hoon, he’s a hoot.

  68. Avatar

    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Hoon…..can’t wait.!!!!!!

  69. Avatar

    Can’t wait

  70. Avatar

    Looking forward to the usual foul mouthed rant from Horrible Hoon, can’t wait.

  71. Avatar

    Nice can’t wait to read your adventures for Hoon hope he can redeem himself
    There is a good cop underneath
    Love The Logan series read them all so far

  72. Avatar

    October can’t come soon enough!
    Looking forward to Hoon’s new adventures.

    • Avatar

      I’ve read all of the DCI Logan books and loved them all. Patiently waiting for the next one to hit the shelves.
      Hoon was certainly a great character in the books and wonder if London knows what’s about to hit it. Will the Londoners understand his lingo down there? Mind you swearing is more or less universal, so shouldn’t be too much of a problem, it’s just the order of the words coming out that might confuse them!!!

  73. Avatar

    I’m really looking forward to finding out a bit more about. potty mouth Hoon ,I’m sure it’ll be a good read .

  74. Avatar

    This had made my day!!! I love Hoon (his annoyed rescue of two characters in a previous book had me in stitches) and I can’t wait to see him strike out on his own without the dubious restraint of his former colleagues. Who are utterly useless at restraining and more on the enabling side of things. Brilliant, brilliant news!

  75. Avatar

    Sounds fantastic and I just want to know how to pre order. I am addicted to your stories and always get excited when a new book arrives in my library. Keep up the good work

  76. Avatar

    All I need, another character addiction. Hoon is a force of nature. Would hate to live with him but can’t wait to enjoy him on the page

  77. Avatar

    Can’t wait. Love Hoon’s character. Makes me laugh out loud at some of his foul mouthed sayings! 😂

  78. Avatar

    Can you not team him up with Stuart MacBride’s DCI Steel, now, that would be some book.

  79. Avatar

    A raging alcoholic, everybody loves, can’t wait…

    • Avatar

      Oh I can’t wait to read this. I absolutely love DCI Logan & his colleagues but Hoon is big enough to tell his own story. Roll on October 👏👏👏

  80. Avatar

    Looking forward to reading this. I know the author asked us via email some time ago, which characters would we like to see in a spin off novel. Hoon wasn’t on my list. However, I have warmed to him in later novels, so it should be an entertaining prospect.

  81. Avatar

    Well, if that blurb doesn’t blow your previous pre-order record out of the water, I don’t know what will. Excellent. As for my opinion of Bob Hoon? HOON FOR P.M.! (Imagine it. You’ve got to admit he couldn’t be any worse and could well be a lot better. At least politics would be more interesting.) 😉

  82. Avatar

    Hoon is a bit crazy but then again, so am I. My wife (also a bit crazy) and I are looking forward to the pre-order. Long live Hoon!!

  83. Avatar

    Really looking forward to this first book about Hoon himself can’t wait for the release , he’s a great character in the Logan books so here’s to October .

  84. Avatar

    That’s great can’t wait to read the Hoon book loved him in the books. So funny I hope it doesn’t bring to an end of the Logan series though. Don’t know what I’d do without my Logan fix😂😂 can we pre ordered it yet ? Can’t find it on Amazon

  85. Avatar

    Hoon is the most brilliantly funny character I’ve ever read about. I adore every Logan book, and devour them, so when I heard about Hoon getting his own series…amazing news! I have never laughed so much, sitting on my own, reading a book. I’m even buying them for friends to make sure they don’t miss out own the amazing JD Kirk.

  86. Avatar

    Looking forward to this spin off
    ?series but hope you have time to keep Jack Logan busy too.

    Well done on the weight loss – amazing difference!! I’m walking on average 49 miles a week with my retriever but it’s not having the same effect on me.😂

  87. Avatar

    Great idea to have a Hoon spin-off. Really looking forward to that. The storyline sounds very intriguing. He’s certainly a unique character. Can’t wait for the 11th Logan book either. Please keep on writing those. A brilliant read, every one of them.

  88. Avatar

    Can’t wait for the spin-off. His horrible language keeps me in stitches. He says it so well!

  89. Avatar

    Looking forward to reading this, have enjoyed his escapades so far, so a whole book to himself will be something to behold.

  90. Avatar

    Yes will definitely buy this book – love the humour you manage to endower these books with as well as the violence and of course the scenery.

    Can’t you get your wife to have a go at your hair. My daughter’s hair, who is in Scotland, is now below her waist – she also is looking forward to the hairdressers opening.

  91. Avatar

    Hoon reminds me me of my greatuncle. Yep,he was a Scot. Loved him. And he expanded y vocabulary.

  92. Avatar

    Really looking forward to this book.

  93. Avatar

    Thanks JD, you’ve whetted the appetite. Can’t wait to read Hoon’s escapades, even though his language makes me cringe at times. Love this character of yours, almost as much as Jack Logan.

  94. Avatar

    Slevering with anticipation!

  95. Avatar

    Really looking forward to Hoon’s debut as the leading character. I love his colourful language and temper tantrums! But can a leopard really change its spots, even when in charge of a serious mission?? Please don’t tone down Hoon’s behaviour too much!!

  96. Avatar

    I’ve still to find out exactly what how and when Hoon gets booted out of the polish, but welcome his new adventures in his own series soon

  97. Avatar

    Love all the Logan books, so certainly looking forward to this.

  98. Avatar

    Love the Logan books! I read them as soon as they come out! Mixed feelings about Hoon, he shows his humanity towards young DC Neish in the last book, but if there is a lot of swearing as he was prone to do before he left the force, then that will be a no no for me. In the right context yes, but swearing for the sake of it, no. Proof will be in the reading, so I wait anxiously.

  99. Avatar

    remember HOON *spoiler* so he’s not all bad. swears a bit though

  100. Avatar

    I can’t wait to read Northwind. Hoon is quite a character and I missed his foul mouthed insults. His background is intriguing. October seems so far away!

  101. Avatar

    If you’re going to pick a character you’ve f***king picked the right one!

  102. Avatar

    So looking foreward to this. Roll on October